EU-Standard Rice Bags!

SOH would like to introduce a session of packing jasmine rice into containers for export to the EU.

We can easily observe that the finished rice, after undergoing multiple processing stages, is packed into bags via a production line and then transported directly into containers.

Before this, the rice must pass an inspection by a certified regulatory body.

But before it becomes rice, everything starts as paddy. 

The paddy purchased from the farmers is pre-dried. However, to ensure the longest possible preservation of rice quality, rice production factories often re-dry the material until it reaches the standard dryness level. 

After drying, the material is taken to the next stage for hulling, where the outer husk is removed, leaving only the white rice kernel.

During the hulling process, the hulling force is adjusted so that the hulled rice retains a thin layer of bran on the outside. This adjustment minimizes impact on the bran layer, which is rich in nutrients and vitamins beneficial to health.

Additionally, with our warehouse system fully equipped with both road and waterway access, we aim to optimize transportation costs. This enables SOH to provide customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.

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